Top Five Traits of a Professional Massage Therapist

There are certain qualities and attributes that make up a professional massage therapist. These attributes are what people should look out for before surrendering to a massage therapist as they can impact the intensity of your experience. Massage therapists should not only be kind and nice but should also have other qualities that will be discussed shortly. So, what are the qualities to observe when looking to book a massage with a certain therapist at your chosen massage center Dubai Marina? Let’s find out below.


A professional massage therapist should be licensed and professionally certified for the job. The person must have received professional training to equip them in the various massage techniques. This shows that the person knows what they are doing and can attend to specific and unique problems with the appropriate massage technique.

Communication Skills

Communication is important in giving a massage. A professional massage therapist should be easy to communicate with during your session. The person should make you feel comfortable enough to say when it hurts or when you are not really enjoying the session.

Physical Fitness

Giving a massage requires a certain level of physical fitness. Because some kinds of massage require pressure, the therapist needs to be physically fit enough to deliver the right amount of pressure. Too little pressure and they won’t get the job done effectively. A good way to observe this is by their activity level, or you could simply ask. Be sure to go for a masseur who is fit enough to a great extent.


When dealing with people, it is important to be empathetic. This is because people come with different problems and putting yourself in their position better helps you understand their pain points. Empathy from a massage therapist is essential if they are to give a good massage because they will truly understand your pains and issues.

Ethical And Should Have a Code Of Conduct

A licensed therapist must follow the set rules of ethics that govern the job. There should be a code of conduct in place that guides the relationship between massage therapists and their clients. These rules and codes of conduct prevent inappropriate behaviors and safeguard the interest of the clients.

To Conclude

A way to complete your experience in the UAE is by visiting a professional massage center Dubai Marina. Here there are licensed therapists that are professional and ready to cater to your needs. You can visit our website to consult with a professional massage therapist and book a session with us today. Visit our website to book a session.

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