Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Massage

You are planning to get a massage for the first time, or you have been going for therapy regularly; You can book your appointment with a Russian Massage center Dubai. There’s one thing you must understand is that not all therapists are alike; therefore, expectations can vary. In the UAE, many places practice keeping the sheets on to maintain the client’s dignity unless requested otherwise.

While going for therapy, we always advise that you dress in comfortable and loose-fitted clothes, making it easy for you to change in and out of it. The therapist will request you to take off all your clothes and give you the privacy to do so as you disrobe; you would then need to lay on the bed and cover yourself; the therapist will then attend to you. Many people prefer keeping their clothes on unless they plan on a traditional massage that requires fewer clothes. Today, we will discuss a few dos and don’ts of getting a massage; keep reading.


Take A Shower

Many athletes step in for a massage soon after their workout, sports event, or training session. This is alright if it is a part of the sports massage. However, maintaining hygiene is essential and appreciated by massage therapists! Usually, it is never an issue with new sweat; however, stale sweat tends to get stinky; therefore, taking a shower before the massage is advised.

Stay Silent

It’s all up to your preference; some people love to chat throughout the treatment, and that’s alright. However, if you’re the type who enjoys silence, then do not hesitate to stay silent. There is no reason to feel pressured into making a conversation or engaging in casual talk with a therapist. You could simply lay there and enjoy the entire therapy without having to listen or make a conversation with the therapist.

Respect The Therapist

Specific massages involve the therapist rubbing your buttocks, and certain techniques involve plenty of contact; however, you must realize that professionals approve these techniques. These professional therapists do not offer ‘extras!


Do Not Overeat

Avoid overeating before a massage, and it is similar to swimming; wait for at least an hour after meals. Massages have an excellent effect on the digestive system; therefore, we advise not to overeat to avoid embarrassment during the treatment of accidentally passing gas. If there is an accident, you must understand that it is normal and natural, so you do not need to feel embarrassed.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask

If you prefer lighter or for more pressure, the temperature in the room is too cold or even too hot making you uncomfortable; or even if the posture you are lying in is uncomfortable, or if you need to visit the loo in between the massage, then do not hesitate to ask. Just remember the entire massage is about you, and your comfort is their priority. So, speak up and don’t hesitate; it won’t come across as rude.

Do Not Hesitate To Nap

An excellent massage has a powerful and relaxing effect on the body, allowing you to nap during the massage. It is fine! Allow your body the rest it has earned and probably has been craving for a while. You won’t miss out on anything while you slumber.

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